MagicClean SoftWash is the exclusive provider of SoftWash Systems in North Metro Atlanta. We offer the safest, most effective and long-lasting  cleaning treatments to restore your entire home’s and business’s exterior surfaces.             

Pressure washing is NEVER the right answer to cleaning a roof and should be used rarely and selectively in cleaning ANY exterior surface. Here in the South, most of the discoloration and buildup seen on your roof and exterior surfaces comes from organisms such as algae, mold, mildew, and lichen—all living, organic bacteria. Why spend up to 10 times more to replace a roof that still has years of life left when you could just have it safely restored to its original beauty and effectiveness? Our treatment options are not only highly effective for your roof and various other exterior surfaces, they are totally safe and environmentally sound as well. In fact, they are recommended as the most desirable cleaning solution by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). We use science instead of destructive pressure to give you a 99.9% kill ratio on the mold, mildew and bacteria damaging  your home's exterior.       

Our softwashing process gently, but effectively treats your surfaces with a cleaning formulation specifically designed to target clean not only a specific area, but also a specific type of surface. In so doing, no matter the surface being treated, our solutions will kill the organisms and inhibit their return, while sanitizing every surface being treated – all in one process without damage to the target area, or the surrounding vegetation.