• Roof Cleaning   Do you remember how beautiful your roof…used to be? Before you started noticing some dark, blotchy stain-looking things. And then it got worse!  We know, you HATE those ugly, disgusting streaks and stains…so do we. Relax, there is a simple solution. We can remove those awful stains and black streaks from your roofing system and recapture your home’s pristine appearance, while extending the useful life of your roof and significantly boosting the health advantages that will provide for your family members and pets. Softwashing your roof will kill and eradicate these living, airborne allergens and bacteria that are behind the streaks and stains you are having to endure every day, even buffering your roof from future regrowth. But know this—if left untreated, over time, these microorganisms marring your roof and killing your home’s curb appeal are not just eyesores they are feasting on your roof, consuming the substrate that makes up each individual shingle. In time, if left untreated, you could lose up to 50% of your roof’s useful life through the destruction caused by these unsightly little pests. So restore your roof’s original beauty and health through a cleansing, sanitizing roof treatment. It will pay for itself many times over! 

  • House Washing   Much like your roof, your residence's exterior walls are being besieged by algae, mold, mildew and airborne contaminants and bacteria daily. These organic contaminants stick to your home’s exterior like glue, damaging the surfaces they land on. Softwashing your home’s outside walls breaks down and eliminates this bond, killing 99.9% of these surface-destroying organisms. Your paint shades will once again be sharp and vivid, your garage doors will glow, and your windows and door-frames will brighten and beam as they are all being sanitized!


  • Concrete & Brick Cleaning   Instantly and dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal when you kill and remove the dust, dirt, rust, grime, grease, oil and other various airborne infestations that are causing the unsightly and unattractive stains, darkening and  discolorations that can build up on your concrete driveway, sidewalks, patio, pool deck and porch. You will be amazed at the renewal that takes place as these ugly discolorations are removed from your concrete driveway, sidewalks, patio, pool deck and porch  ... restoring the stain-free clean beauty like the day they were poured! 


  • Fence Cleaning  Sunlight exposure and extreme, seasonal climate-related elements are hammering at your exposed fencing every single day. Restore your fence to its initial splendor with our specialized cleaning formulations designed specifically for this surface. Our fence treatments are highly effective on all sorts of fences, including wood, vinyl, brick, and synthetics. As with many of our other customers, you may find that a dark, stained and weathered fence you were planning to replace will come back to life when thoroughly cleaned with our bacteria-killing treatment protocols. We love seeing customers decide against replacing such things as roofs, siding and fences, simply because they are so completely restored to their initial condition. So save your fence, and your money…we’ve got this!

  • Screen Enclosure   Screen enclosures enable you to bring the outdoors in without fretting about, and having to deal with, the bugs and other pests along for the ride. Unfortunately, along with the beauty that Mother Nature bestows on our exterior, open areas, she has a habit of also depositing large amounts of dust and dirt, and all sorts of airborne pests that love to call your screened enclosure home. Bring your screen enclosure back to its original beauty and cleanliness simply by allowing MagicClean SoftWash to treat, kill, clean and sanitize that desirable living space like it has never been cleaned before…and get back to really enjoying the best that Mother Nature has to offer!      

  • Exterior Window Washing    Don’t forget about your windows! Instantly eliminate rain spots, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other clinging debris through a spot-free window treatment. The last step in our window treatment protocol is to thoroughly rinse every window with highly-filtered pure water, which washes off all the minerals deposited there, leaving your windows immaculate, and streak and spot free. Your windows haven’t ever looked this good! And don’t forget, we also clean skylights.   

  • Awning Cleaning  Due to their material makeup, and constant exposure to climate extremes, awnings and shades are highly susceptible to collecting dust and dirt, mold and mildew, and airborne bacteria of every type. Softwashing these surfaces will bring them back to life, revitalizing their vivid colors and killing and eliminating all those disgusting, nasty stains and dark, blotchy spots. So whether your awnings are fabric, vinyl, metal or any additional sort of material, rescue it, don’t replace it!  

  • Gutter Cleaning  Gutters are not generally noticed on a home’s exterior surface…unless they are filthy, darkened, stained or “tiger-striped”. And we both know, when your gutters look like that, they are not only noticeable, they’re downright embarrassing. Stop the assault on your gutters by the surrounding environment by killing all that gunk that marrs them, and revitalize their original gleam, shine and true color through a bacteria-destroying, cleansing softwashing. We can even eradicate those hideous “tiger stripes” that mark so many gutters in the North Atlanta area through a formulation specifically designed to oxidize this infestation off the gutter surface. Not only will you be restoring your gutter system’s original beauty and brightness…you will also be restoring the functionality so necessary to get the water off your roof and away from your home’s foundation, preventing intrusion into the interior, and damage to the foundation structure.  


  •  Softwashing  Softwashing is the logical, reasonable alternative to power washing. It utilizes water-based, naturally bio-degradable chemicals that emulsify dirt and crud, while killing and eliminating mold, mildew, algae and bacteria – and disinfecting the surface area being treated. Softwashing uses only one-third the water of pressure washing, 90% less pressure, lasts up to 6x longer and doesn't erode the targeted area’s surface like power washing will do.  

  • Patio & Deck Cleaning  Two of the primary areas we as homeowners most enjoy spending time is on our decks and patios! Unfortunately, these are the two of the areas most affected by the environmental assault on our homes’ exteriors occurring daily. These places, even more so than many of your other exterior surfaces, can experience heavy buildups of mold, mildew, algae, lichens and other naturally present contaminants. Left untreated, they are certainly terrible to have to look at every day, but worse yet, they are feasting on the materials that comprise these surfaces. Softwashing these flat surfaces will kill the bacteria causing the assault and infesting your deck and patio, and put an immediate halt to the all-you-can-eat buffet these gnarly little pests are enjoying. We can redeem and refresh your deck and patio back to its like-new condition through our flat surface cleansing treatments. And don’t be fooled—while a number of composite deck and patio area brand names tout their products as "maintenance-free", they, too, begin to accumulate mold, mildew, dirt, crud and algae, just like any others. Treat the buildup, and get back to enjoying one of your home’s  greatest assets, and favorite places to relax.  

  • Driveway Cleaning   Whether your driveway is concrete, brick, or stone, it is still vulnerable to the very same black or green mold, mildew and dirt found on the other various exterior surfaces of your home. Treating and cleaning your driveway is an easy and significant way to increase your home’s visual, or curb, appeal, and will kill 99.9%of all the bacteria infesting it’s surface. The driveway will literally look like new, while also  putting an end to the daily tracking of all that gunchy crud and bacteria from off the driveway and into the house by every family member and pet.  

  • Power Washing   We at MagicClean SoftWash are in no way “anti-power washing”. But here’s the problem...when you are a hammer, everything in the world looks like a nail, which can be really dangerous. Many power washers, and even homeowners themselves, misuse or misapply power washing, and the results can be pretty devastating. Unlike power washing, we use about 60 psi, about the strength of your garden hose, to deliver the chemical formulations to their appropriate surface. So the pressure is for delivery ONLY! Power/Pressure washers will use 3,000-4,000 psi to do their cleaning, which is more than enough pressure to do serious damage. A very typical misapplication of power/pressure washing is in roof cleaning. Using this kind of pressure on a roof will literally destroy it, and the damage is unrecoverable. It will easily blow apart shingles, and certainly blasts the all-important granules right off the shingles’ surfaces. And this happens every single day. You do not need pressure for cleaning. What is needed is specially formulated chemical solutions, designed for very specific and targeted use, delivered to the various surfaces of your home or commercial building with enough pressure to get them there. Period. And if you are not killing the bacteria that is infesting the surface (see power/pressure washing), you are simply moving them around to regrow and thrive on any nearby surface. Soft-washing kills and eliminates all such bacteria and even buffers the surface against future re-growth. Checkmate, power washers!